• Understand the macro (cycles / capital markets / supply & demand)

  • Embrace the local (path of progress / trends / neighborhood engagement)

  • Conservative underwriting

  • Design thoughtful / interesting property with a soul (tell the story)

  • Manage risk by limiting the downside  

  • Execute

  • Adapt as we go

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We are deeply involved in the neighborhoods that we work in. With our local focus, we’re able to spot supply/demand trends and capitalize on acquisition opportunities where others can’t.

We acquire undervalued irreplaceable real estate with good fundamentals, in need of some or all of the following:

1. Recapitalization

2. Redesign / Physical Improvements / Repurpose 

3. Upgraded Management Team / Business Plan

We have our own capital, as well as strong relationships with outside equity and debt capital. With a deep understanding of the capital markets and macro trends, we underwrite our projects conservatively using actual existing numbers. We invest knowing the now. The future is upside or “icing on the cake”, but doesn’t make or break us.



We look for development opportunities where we can create unique places that cater to the wants and needs of a neighborhood on a granular level. 

We are not programmatic developers, so we look for ways to fit into the fabric of a neighborhood versus trying to force the neighborhood to fit our vision. We’re usually drawn to neighborhoods in transition.

We place a strong emphasis on thoughtful design. While respecting the past, we try to reimagine what’s possible. The end result is a property that fits seamlessly into a given neighborhood like it’s been there forever. Old yet new. That sweet spot between art and science. 

We look at the development process in an organic way that constantly changes and naturally takes shape. 

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Through our subsidiary, Haverhill Realty, LLC, we provide leasing, development, asset and property management services to our projects. 

We almost always have a substantial amount of our own capital in the projects we take on. Being an owner/operator allows us to make decisions quickly without layers of bureaucracy with an eye towards what’s in the best long term interest of the project. 

Our interests are aligned with our partners, investors, tenants, customers and the neighborhood. We maintain institutional risk management and reporting practices, with a local feel.