Haverhill Holdings was officially formed in 2011, with roots in the real estate business dating back over 80 years. Using our own capital and balance sheet, along with select partners, we acquire, develop, own and operate all asset types and classes of real estate. Our goal is to create and own unique and authentic places that connect people to where they live, shop, work, eat and socialize. This connection and experience transforms a space into a place with a soul.

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Our  process is organic, never the same and always fluid. Each project has its own personality and narrative, which starts with being neighborhood-centric. Following a thorough and conservative underwriting, our focus is on delivering the best project possible. Weโ€™re drawn to neighborhoods in transition with buildings that have character and history, and place a strong emphasis on thoughtful design. While respecting the past, we try to reimagine whatโ€™s possible and create a property that fits seamlessly into a given neighborhood like itโ€™s been there forever.
Old yet new.


99-101 Broad Street | ATLANTA


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We are entrepreneurial at our core, combined with an institutional standard of execution and risk management. Given our unique experiences, we take risks, but limit our downside, making us a shrewd and pragmatic investor and partner.

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We work towards an optimal balance between art and science. Not only is this approach to real estate more fulfilling for us creatively, but weโ€™ve found that it ultimately leads to better financial returns for ourselves and partners.

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